Kachidoki Real Estate Co.

Company Name: Kachidoki Fudosan (Kachidoki Real Estate Co.)

Location: 2-9-16 Kachidoki, Chuo-ku,Tokyo 104-0054 Japan
Phone: +81.3.3531.7318
Fax: +81.3.3531.7317
Mail: info@kachidoki-f.jp

CEO: Naohiro Shimizu
Establishment: 1964

"A president message"

Kachidoki Area has been developing so significantly as medias report about them quite often in last decade. This area will change itself continuously by constructions of tower apartments in Kachidoki, large scaled projects of development of the area, improvements of a subway station and  other infrastructures as main roads and bridges.

Everything is changing rapidly in this area where the company exists, however I have one thing in my mind that I’ve been keeping for many years. It is relayed by my father, the founder of the company. He always said that our company should remember the local people first and contribute ourselves to the local community. Or even if the company makes a good profit from the business, it cannot be a real triumph without the people. We will work together with the people and local society for better and happier life. I will add the well spoken phrase to this message: Thinking Globally Working Locally.